A good IT environment is crucial for your company’s daily operations. That is why it is very important to give serious thought to certain procedures and to make good judgments about the situation in advance. Anankei can be your partner in this respect and search for the right solution together with you. 

Some examples:

Relocating your company (or a division thereof) is much more than merely moving some tables and chairs. It requires proper preparation. And such planning and a well-thought-out action plan are of crucial importance for a seamless relocation process and for preventing potential impediments to the daily operation of your company and employees. 
Anankei can help: If desired, we will handle the entire project, or we will find the necessary engineers for you. In both cases, we will ensure flawless execution, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing everything is taken care of.

Are you about to update or roll out your laptops, desktops or hand-held devices? We can help you with this as well. Migrating or rolling out new end-user devices can bring about major changes for users. To keep the impact of this as small as possible, such a roll-out must take place in a coordinated manner.
We configure, migrate and implement new devices cost-effectively and professionally.

When was the last time your employees had IT training? The importance of proper support and training regarding the correct use of IT materials and software should not be underestimated. However, most of your employees are not aware that incorrect use of software results in inefficiency, loss of time and hence higher costs.
Anankei will help you develop and provide a (customised) training programme, aligned with your needs and with certification, if desired. Even a one-day training session makes a clear difference!

Does having your own help desk at your company offer added value? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. It can have added value when it supports in-house software or applications. But if your company uses generic products, then it might behove you to consider using an external help desk. Our employees are trained to resolve first-line and second-line problems. We would be happy to personally explain how we can help you in this regard.


Do you know which tools are used at your company and who uses which tools? Perhaps you purchased licences for applications that are no longer needed, resulting in unnecessary and expensive costs.
An audit can provide you with an overview of what is and what is not necessary, what is up-to-date and what is antiquated. We will map everything out for you, give you an overview of the various processes and offer recommendations on optimal use of certain tools. 
Sometimes only small interventions are needed which can, however, have a great impact on your employees’ performance and well-being, and hence on your company’s efficiency.

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