The decision to start a new IT project is sometimes made very quickly.
But then some crucial questions arise. How are we going to handle this? Who is available and who has the capacity to execute this? Don’t we need a specialist for this? Who is going to do the project management?

Flexible solutions
Don’t want to burden your own IT people with your temporary need for additional IT employees or search for a new employee? Then our IT sourcing solution can help you out.
Anankei has been providing IT employees for short-term and long-term projects since 2005. This is the ideal solution for flexibly handling peaks in work volume or for leasing IT specialists.

Added value
Our consultants will help you implement your IT projects or temporarily reinforce your IT team. They have amassed a wealth of experience working at various companies, and they want this externally acquired knowledge to benefit your company. Knowledge that can mean important added value for your own employees and your company.

The right profile
Based on your needs, our specialised IT recruiters will search for the right profile.
They know which consultant is or will be available, what his/her specialties are and whether he/she is a good fit for your company. If the consultant has the technical and personal skills to make your project a success, then we will present him/her to you.
So you no longer have to worry about the consultant’s knowledge level or deal with laborious negotiations about salary or fringe benefits. 

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