Finding a new employee is not easy. And finding a suitable candidate for a job at your IT department is no mean feat.

Don’t spend valuable time sifting through CVs with masses of abbreviations and technical terms. Anankei has more than 10 years of experience in recruiting, screening and presenting new IT employees. We will help you with your search for the perfect IT professional, who is not only technically skilled but is also a good fit for your company.

Numerous companies call upon our services and expertise on a regular basis. Our knowledge primarily encompasses the following areas: 

  • Help desk and support employees
  • Network and systems engineers
  • Project and IT managers
  • Developers

Each of our recruiters is specialised in a certain area. They speak the IT professional’s language.

We use various tools in our search:

  • Our own database with more than 18,000 IT profiles. 
  • Our external partners: - - - 

We publish new IT positions both on pay sites as well as on our own job site 

Initial selection:

Every recruited or soliciting candidate is thoroughly screened by our recruiter. After the initial selection, the possible candidates are invited to come in for an interview and undergo testing, if necessary. We ask for and check references of likely suitable candidates.

Based on the preceding steps, the recruiter compiles an interview report of the eligible candidates. This report immediately gives you a clear picture of the potential candidate. This way you can make a well-founded decision about which candidates you wish to invite for an interview. 


Do you deem one of the candidates to be a suitable employee? Great. Then we will take care of the rest so that the new employee can seamlessly transition into working for your company.

Do you have doubts about the candidates? No problem. In this case we will go back to the drawing board together with you to see why the presented candidates were not satisfactory and how we can fine-tune our selection criteria.

Would you like to know more about the way we work? Then please contact us for a no-obligation meeting.

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